As an educator, I have worked in K-12 and higher education and at the district level, including in a supervisory capacity. I bring an adaptive mindset to design equitable and inclusive learning experiences for all learners. My work is driven by my core values of inclusion, equity, lifelong learning, and collaboration.

I view the world as a classroom where everyone should have access to high quality learning experiences, face-to-face and virtual, that engage them in creative and authentic problem solving and collaboration. My work is grounded in Universal Design for Learning (UDL) where planning and designing for learner variability is at the center. I work in collaboration with others to design flexible learning environments from the start by choosing relevant multimodal and accessible resources that give learners options to engage with the content. I value feedback and seek ways to iterate my work to make it more welcoming, relevant, and rigorous for learners.

It is not enough to design for those at the table; one must also notice who is missing. I work with other individuals and teams to bring these missing voices to the table and engage in difficult conversations about what we can do better to provide equitable access. I bring an adaptive mindset to these conversations so that I can better analyze and tackle the adaptive and technical challenges that arise. In the Boston Public Schools (BPS), I have modeled inclusion and equity through my leadership with the district rollout of the UDL literacy tool, Read&Write for Google Chrome; co-developing and overseeing the expansion of a school-based technology implementation model focused on access & equity; and serving as project manager of a cross-functional team of district leaders on our Essentials for Instructional Equity focused on access and inclusion. Recognizing the need for more voices at the table, I founded our district's affinity group on disability inclusion and, with that group, I am leading a district-wide effort to use more accessible video and communication technologies with our BPS community.  

As a leader and educator, it is important to always be listening and learning. My leadership style combines collaboration, coaching, and customer service. I work closely with my small team and technology department and collaborate with other district level departments, schools, and community organizations to establish goals and carry out small and large scale projects for our BPS community. Open and consistent communication is essential to the coherence and success of any collaborative endeavor. I support our district with technology rollouts by coordinating communication, technology integration and troubleshooting, and professional learning. I also frequently lead or participate in face-to-face and online adult professional learning communities through the Boston Public Schools, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), MassCUE, and more. With these communities, I seek to learn and create experiences that are relevant, job-embedded, and offer opportunities for continued learning for all.

I discuss these core values in my 5 minute Ignite Talk below, given at ISTE 2016 in Denver, Colorado. To see more of my teaching examples, please visit my LinkedIn profile and YouTube channel or contact me.