I work with educators, districts, and cultural institutions to design inclusive learning experiences for K-12, higher education, and professional learning. I believe that good design is flexible and plans for learner variability. My work primarily draws from research and practice in Universal Design for Learning (UDL), design thinking, and arts education.

To plan and design for variability is transformational: from the beginning, we must recognize and value the lived experiences of those who have historically been in the margins. Rather than being the problem, people with disabilities are experts with experiences and insights that serve as a catalyst for understanding how we experience barriers, temporary or permanent, in any learning environment. This expertise can and should be harnessed to shape more inclusive learning environments from the start. 

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an educational framework based on research in neuroscience and learning theory (Rose and Meyer, 2005). In the UDL framework, variability is key. With this framework, I work to design flexible learning environments from the start. This manifests in how I select or create options for representing content, inspire interest in and motivation for learning, and offer learners options to express what they know. I utilize technology to provide synchronous and asynchronous access to content and incorporate multimodal practices used in arts education such as Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) and digital storytelling.

I believe in the innovative potential of digital tools and actively work to locate, test, and create new tools that have inclusive design that plans and allows for learner variability. Empathy-fueled design processes help me locate and construct online, blended, and face-to-face learning environments, activities, and resources. This approach has enabled me to design just-in-time and meaningful professional learning and curriculum and confidently collaborate and problem solve. 

The slideshow below showcases a selection of my most recent work with elementary, adolescent, and adult learners in the Boston Public Schools using UDL, design thinking, and arts-based practices. Visit my Vimeo or YouTube channels to see more of my work.